Pre-built Hospitality Planning Application using Oracle PBCS

Hospitality Industry Challenges:

The hospitality industry in general and the restaurant sector in particular tend to get hit hard when things change. Three biggest drivers that impact them heavily are 1) unpredictable market conditions, 2) labor shortage, and disconnected systems that does not provide single unified view of the customer demands.

Market Direction

Insurance companies are at the cross road where they need to innovate to remain competitive. In fact, 67% of insurance companies CEO respondents to PwC’s 2017 CEO Survey see creativity and innovation as very important to their organizations.  The PWC survey says area they would most like to strengthen in order to capitalize on growth opportunities is digital and technological capabilities, followed by customer experience.

  • Hospitality industry has become extremely competitive and organizations are turning to cloud technology to innovate and pool all their resources to meet and exceed their market demands.  

  • CFOs and finance office is constantly challenged with managing operations and forecast demand accurately.

What We Offer (How we can help)

Digital IMS have developed a pre-packaged model using PBCS that addresses these issues and empower them with modern oracle cloud platform that address their need to forecast with speed and accuracy, and report in a timely manner with drill back to invoice details.

  • Pre-built statistical model with key statistics such as Hotel occupancy, room nights, number of guest, restaurant covers, average check.

  • Pre-built revenue model to plan for room revenue based on market segmentation, food and beverage revenue, spa revenue, golf revenue, and activities revenue.

  • Pre-built Cost of Sales model to plan for food and beverage cost of sales, spa and golf cost of sales.

  • Pre-built expense model to project the expenses of various departments such as property maintenance, Spa, restaurant, Golf based on key drivers like cost per occupied room nights, number of guests etc.,

  • Pre-built financial reporting package for board reporting, management reporting purposes.

  • Pre-built position planning model to project payroll expenses based on their manning guide.

  • Pre-built executive dashboard.


  1. 70% reduction in planning and forecasting cycle

  2. Automatically generate the forecast based on key drivers such as occupancy, number of guests, restaurant covers and easily enable HODs to adjust the forecast.

  3. Flexibility to keep the planning at the daily or weekly or monthly level of detail

  4. Integrated management reporting process giving visibility to Actual Vs Budget Vs Forecast variance 

  5. Better collaboration and control over the process improving the overall efficiency and better visibility

  6. 6 to 8 weeks to implement and faster ROI.

Solution Foot Print: Oracle Financials Cloud, Oracle Expense Cloud, Procurement Cloud, Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service

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