BIO Tech ERP EPM Starter Package

BioTech Industry Challenges

  • Ever growing compliance & Reporting Needs such as SOX

  • Disconnected legacy systems are not scalable

  • Lack of process integration leads to expensive delays and introduces audit risks which can be very costly.

  • Manual, time consuming, error prone process affects overall decision making and it takes away agility of the institution to adjust to market conditions.

  • Lack of connected tools affects the ability of the Bank to align strategic 5-year plan with annual plan costing millions of dollars on missed forecast.

Market Direction

  • CFOs are constantly in search of finding tools that will help them innovate faster, reduce operating cost, improve efficiency.

  • Industry is more and more gravitating towards cloud-based applications due to low capex, reduced risks of infrastructure failures and availability of latest technological innovation without upgrade cost.

  • Companies are looking for ways to enable faster customer acquisition, predict consumer behavior and maximize profitability.

What We Offer (How we can help)

​Digital IMS Cloud has helped a number of Bio Tech firms to transform their disparate financial systems using modern cloud based financial system. Digital brings core competencies in the areas of:

✔︎ Scalable Chart-of-Account design to meet complex reporting needs.

✔︎ Financial consolidation, automatic inter-company accounting, and accelerated financial close.

✔︎ Flexible, configurable and robust invoice approval, journal approval, and purchase order approval via email and          mobile devices (Android and/or IOS)

✔︎ Automated reconciliation of bank statements, portfolio balances, and customer accounts

Digital IMS Cloud has migrated number of Bio Tech firms from a manual MS Excel based budgeting and reporting process to centralized budgeting and forecasting systems. Digital offers pre-built biotech models allowing customers to jump start.

✔︎ Milestone based Clinical Trial Models to project clinical trial expenses:​

  • Clinical Trial Startup Cost

  • Patient Enrollment Cost

  • Clinical Trial Draft CSR Cost

  • Clinical Trial Final CSR Cost

✔︎ Revenue model to project milestone revenue, collaborative research revenue, product sales revenue by                      partners/channel.

✔︎ Head Count Planning Model to plan Salary, Bonus, Overtime, 401K, FUTA, SUTA at existing employee and new            hires.

✔︎ Capital Planning Model to plan for capital purchases, maintenance, depreciation schedule at asset level.

✔︎ Allocation model to allocate salary, capital depreciation, and department expenses to Research & Development         (R&D), General Administration (G&A), Marketing & Commercialization (M&C) expenses.

✔︎ Board package Financial Statements (P&L, B/S and C/F).

✔︎ Annual Plan, Quarterly Forecasting, 5-Year Strategic Planning.


​✔︎ Accurate budget clinical trial expense.

✔︎ Enable budget owners to plan for non-clinical expenses, Head count and capital expenses.

✔︎ Enable CROs and FP&A to collaborate on Revenue projections and clinical trial expense projection.

✔︎ Perform What-if Scenario analysis, annual budget, quarterly forecast, and strategic 5 year plan.

✔︎ Allocate expenses (actual, budget, forecast) and report on Marketing and Commercialization, Research &                    development, General Administration.

✔︎ Reduce the Budget Preparation and Improve budget and forecast accuracy.

✔︎ Plan for P&L, B/S, and Cashflow

✔︎ One Platform for board reporting, management reporting

Solution Foot Print: Oracle Financials Cloud, Oracle Expense Cloud, Procurement Cloud, Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service

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